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What is the power of a tummy tuck?

Embarking on a transformative journey toward your ideal physique is commendable. If you're struggling to achieve your desired shape despite hitting your target weight, consider the transformative potential of a tummy tuck at Redeker Aesthetics. Picture a life where your reflection exudes confidence with a flawlessly toned and flat abdominal appearance. This final step in your self-transformation journey can unlock the silhouette you've envisioned.  

What body changes can a tummy tuck address?

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to eliminate excess fat and skin while reinforcing weakened muscles, resulting in a smoother and firmer abdominal profile. Particularly favored among women, especially those post-pregnancy, the procedure addresses the stretching and extension of the midsection caused by childbirth. Multiple pregnancies and substantial weight gain can separate abdominal muscles, a concern rectified by a tummy tuck.  

Combining well with procedures like liposuction, a tummy tuck is often part of comprehensive transformations such as the Mommy Makeover, embraced by many women, including additional procedures like breast augmentation, breast reduction, facial sculpting, and more, creating a holistic approach to aesthetic enhancement. 


What are the benefits of a tummy tuck? 

A tummy tuck can help you transform your body and your life by:  

  • Eliminating stretch marks, especially after pregnancy  

  • Getting rid of excess skin  

  • Improving body posture  

  • Maintaining your exercise routine and weight loss program  

  • Ending the development of hernias and SUI (stress urinary incontinence) after childbirth  

  • Positioning the scar at its lowest point to ensure that it can be discreetly hidden by a small bikini or undergarment. 

Who is a good candidate for tummy tuck?  

Ideal candidates for a tummy tuck are healthy men and women aiming to achieve a flatter, tighter abdomen. Commonly, mothers dealing with loose or stretched skin post-pregnancy and individuals who have undergone significant weight loss seek this procedure. Men also find success with tummy tucks, especially if annoyed by protruding abdomen despite being at a healthy weight. While diet and exercise may fall short in delivering desired results, abdominoplasty offers transformative effects.  


To regain pre-baby shapes or address skin laxity, a consultation at Redeker Aesthetics can guide individuals in their journey toward a flat, toned abdomen. Optimal results are achieved through a combination of surgery, exercise, and a balanced diet.  


Your tummy tuck procedure  

During the initial consultation, we will assess various factors to determine the most suitable abdominoplasty or body lift for you, considering elements like body habitus, the extent of redundant skin, and adipose tissue in the central abdominal wall. The initial incision, strategically placed between the navel and pubic hairline, is low enough so undergarments and bathing suits can hide it.

To minimize visible scarring, a second incision is made around the belly button within natural creases. We will then tighten abdominal muscles, ensuring long-lasting results. An injection of local anesthetic called nerve block is performed after abdominal wall repair and before skin closure providing a quicker and more comfortable recovery. After the removal of excess tissue, the midsection skin is pulled and meticulously sutured with quilting sutures, followed by a three-layer closure to minimize tension and scarring.

This method is aimed at eliminating dead space, reducing the need for drains, and distributing tension. It also allows for the removal of more skin above the belly button, resulting in enhanced aesthetic outcomes.The repositioning of the belly button is performed to achieve a natural and proportionate outcome.  


Known as a “high superior tension abdominoplasty”, this technique creates the tension above the belly button, to ensure effective skin removal and achieve a better-looking result. Always combined with liposuction, “lipoabdominoplasty”, offers enhanced effectiveness in addressing fat deposits on the upper abdomen and in the flank region. 


Some patients choose to combine “Lipo 360” with a tummy tuck to achieve optimal results. “Lipo 360” is a comprehensive procedure that uses liposuction to contour the entire waist, addressing fat reduction in the belly, flanks, hips, and back bra rolls, ensuring a thorough transformation of the entire midsection.  


For those with good skin tone and slight laxity below the navel, a “mini” abdominoplasty may suffice, removing excess skin with a discreet pubic incision and no scar around the belly button. A "mini" abdominoplasty is chosen by patients who desire the enhanced results of abdominoplasty over mere liposuction but prefer a shorter scar. Typically this scar is positioned just above the pubic area. 



Recovery & Results  

Expect abdominal swelling and discomfort for a few days post-tummy tuck, with recovery duration varying based on individual health. All stitches are resorbable. Return to work ranges from a week to two. Gentle exercises aid healing, while strenuous ones should wait. Initial pronounced scars take a few months to fade and up to a year to flatten.  


Post-operative care involves wearing compression garments for four to six weeks. Regular walking is encouraged, and follow-up appointments are crucial for monitoring progress. Maintaining results requires avoiding significant weight gain and ongoing abdominal muscle strengthening through regular exercise. 


In the postoperative phase, it is important to have lymphatic drainage, administered by one of our aesthetician partners, either manually or mechanically, to facilitate optimal healing and reduce swelling. 


Discover the transformative expertise of Redeker Aesthetics for your tummy tuck journey – schedule your appointment now for a personalized and top quality experience! 


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