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Concept and Realization


This website is operated by REDEKER AESTHETICS (Jonathan J. Redeker, MD), Hünenbergerstrasse 8, CH-6330 Cham. This website is aimed at any person who visits it. The website and the Terms of Use conform with applicable Swiss law. Persons who visit this website (users) agree to the Terms of Use below and accept the disclaimer of liability.

Scope of application

Changes and supplements to these Terms of Use and contents of the website may be implemented at any time without notice and enter into force immediately upon publishing on this website. 

Change to the Terms of Use

The user is not entitled to access to this website or to error-free technical availability of the website. REDEKER AESTHETICS may block or restrict access to the website at any time without notice. 

Access and availability

The content of this website is intended exclusively to provide general information about REDEKER AESTHETICS and services provided by REDEKER AESTHETICS as well as general medical information. The information on this website concerning services provided by REDEKER AESTHETICS does not represent a binding solicitation or offer to the user. 

All rights reserved by REDEKER AESTHETICS (Jonathan J. REDEKER, MD).


REDEKER AESTHETICS does everything to insure, that the content of this website remains up to date, correct, comprehensive and reliable. However, we cannot guarantee this. Any liability, which can be related to the content of this website, is lawfully excluded. Furthermore, REDEKER AESTHETICS disclaims any damage resulting from viruses or other harmful elements suffered by the user or third parties. The information published on this website can be changed, added to, or removed at any time without notice. REDEKER AESTHETICS disclaims any liability for content on linked third party websites, since a permanent surveillance of the contents of these websites cannot be performed. 


Terms of Use

The following Privacy Policy applies to the use of this website and all services and products advertised on this website, unless otherwise agreed upon in a separate contract. The Privacy Policy informs you about the collection of personal data during your visit to this website. Users of this website agree to this Privacy Policy. 

REDEKER AESTHETICS is obliged to treat any personal data with strict confidentiality. Personal data will not be sold or given to any third party.

The website automatically collects and saves LogFile Information, provided by the user's browser. These are: (1) browser types and versions used, (2) the operating system, (3) referrer URL, (4) the subdomains, which are accessed via the access server, (5) date and time of server request, (6) the internet protocol address (IP Address), (7) the internet service provider of the accessing system, (8) other data and information used to avert malicious attacks on our IT infrastructure. 

This data and information is required to (1) display to content of this website correctly, (2) optimize the content of this website, (3) ensure the long-term functionality of our IT infrastructure and the technology of our website, (4) in the event of a cyber-attack, provide law enforcement authorities with the necessary information.

We can use this data and information for statistical evaluations with the aim of increasing data protection and data security of the IT infrastructure. Data and information collected in this way, are only processed for purposes mentioned above, and are stored separately from all other personal data provided by our patients. 

This website is also functional without collecting personal data. 

We do inform you that during any data transfer on the internet, data security breaches can exist.  We cannot guarantee that this data is always and under all circumstances protected from access by third parties. 

As far as there exists a legal relationship between REDEKER AESTHETICS and the users of this website, this relationship is bound by Swiss law.

Collection of general data and information

This website may contain links to websites of other providers. REDEKER AESTHETICS has no influence on these websites, their content, offers, availability, or the applicable privacy policy and terms of use. Therefore, all liability is lawfully excluded. 

Links from other websites

This website uses cookies to provide the best possible service and specific, user-friendly information. Cookies contain a so-called cookie ID, a unique identifier, which assigns websites and servers to a specific internet browser. A specific internet browser can be recognized or identified via this unique cookie ID. The purpose is to provide the user of this website with an optimal user experience and to improve the website design. Such information about the use of this website (including the IP address) can be transmitted to servers abroad and stored there, e.g. in the case of Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses this information for example, to compile reports on user activity. Google may also transfer this data to third parties if this is required by law or if third parties process this data on behalf of Google. Google, like other cookie providers, have their own privacy policies. The use and processing of data stored via cookies from third-party companies such as Google, are outside the scope of responsibility of REDEKER AESTHETICS. We therefore reject any liability. REDEKER AESTHETICS can use other services from third-party providers to integrate their content and service, such as videos and articles, into the website. Such an integration always presupposes that these third-party providers can record and process the IP address and other data and information from the users of this website. Cookies can be blocked in the user's browser settings, a warning can be requested before a cookie is created and created cookies can be deleted. Please note that if cookies are blocked or deleted, this website may not be fully usable, or its display may be impaired. 


Social network plugins can be placed on this website as buttons, through which contact with the servers of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) can be established. By clicking on one of these buttons, you give your consent for certain data such as IP address, time and date of visit to the website, etc. to be transmitted to the respective operator of the social network. This data transmission takes place without the involvement of REDEKER AESTHETICS. The privacy policies and terms of use of the respective social networks apply. 

Social media / Social networks

This website contains certain contact information such as an e-mail address and contact form, to provide fast and direct digital communication, required by law (Imprint obligation). If you contact us via these ways of communication, your contact details and any digital content and data will only be used to process and answer your request. 

Please note: information and services advertised on this website can only be accessed via the internet, which is an open network accessible to everyone. The transmission of your data via this website or via means of communication such as e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp is generally considered insecure. REDEKER AESTHETICS therefore rejects any liability.


Under Swiss data protection law, you have various rights regarding your data. There is a right to information, correction and deletion (if data no longer has to be stored for legal reasons). The exercise of such rights usually requires that you clearly prove your identity (e.g. by means of a copy of an ID card, in case your identity is otherwise not clear or cannot be verified). To assert your rights, please contact REDEKER AESTHETICS. We remain at your disposal for any further information in this regard. 

User rights

REDEKER AESTHETICS can change or add to this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. The current version published on this website applies. Insofar as this privacy policy is part of a contract with you, we will inform you of a change by e-mail or any other suitable means of communication.


Privacy Policy

Authors: REDEKER AESTHETICS (Jonathan J. Redeker, MD) and Health Info Net AG, Association of Swiss Doctors FMH, Dr. iur. Sascha D. Patak, attorney at law, Goetz & Patak Rechtsanwälte, June 2018.

The Privacy Policy was translated by Jonathan J. Redeker from the German version created by Health Info Net AG (HIN) and the Association of Swiss Doctors FMH in cooperation with Dr. iur. Sascha Patak, Goetz & Patak Rechtsanwälte from Künacht ZH and is made available to FMH members and HIN participants for free use (without acknowledgement of a legal obligation). This Privacy Policy or parts thereof may not be passed on to third parties without the explicit consent of the authors.

These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) regulate the legal relationship between REDEKER AESTHETICS and customers (hereinafter “patients”) who book an appointment and/or use the services offered.

These terms and conditions and the medical information on the website are not a substitute for advice and/or treatment by a medical specialist.


REDEKER AESTHETICS provides minimally invasive as well as surgical plastic-, aesthetic-, and reconstructive treatments as a service (hereinafter "treatment"). Insofar as required by law, the treatments are personally carried out by a medical specialist or under their supervision and responsibility. The duration of the treatment depends on the individual needs of the patient – which remains at our discretion – and is carried out in accordance to good medical practice ("lege artis").

Our purely aesthetic services are excluded from cost coverage by health insurance companies. These services are self-pay services.

The treatment eligibility assessment (“medical indication”) is carried out by the responsible medical specialist during the consultation. Immediately before the treatment, the indication and the ability to perform the treatment are checked again.

REDEKER AESTHETICS does not perform purely aesthetic treatments on underage patients (minors). Treatment of minors is only possible in exceptional cases (e.g., when correcting a congenital malformation), after the written consent of a legal representative (parent) has been obtained. We recommend that a legal representative be present at all appointments.


Appointments can be booked by phone, in person at our practice in Cham, in writing (letter or email), or on our website.

Booked appointments are binding. If patients are not able to keep a booked appointment, we ask patients to cancel at least 48 hours in advance by telephone or in writing (letter or email). Over the weekend within 72 hours. If the cancellation is late or not made at all, the booked treatment or at least CHF 150 can be charged at our discretion. This also applies to free consultations.

If we must reschedule an appointment, we will offer patients an alternative appointment and the treatment will continue. Appointments can be rescheduled at any time and as often as necessary. There is no entitlement to compensation of any kind if a binding appointment cannot take place or cannot take place at the agreed time.

Making an appointment

The treatment costs vary depending on the complexity of the individual treatment. The prices indicated on the website are average values. An individual price estimate is usually given to patients at the end of the consultation. The treatment price is specified in the treatment contract and are binding. In addition, costs for external service providers (service costs from external affiliated clinics, anaesthesia, hotel services, etc.) may be incurred. These are then based on the terms and conditions of the individual external service provider and depend, for example, on the duration of the surgery or on the length of stay. Treatment costs that have been announced in a different way (verbally, in brochures or on the website) do not constitute a binding offer.

Treatment costs

Invoices for treatments are to be paid within 10 working days of the invoice date. If the fees are not paid on time, penalty interest and other costs may be incurred. Open claims and debt enforcement can be passed on to third parties.

When reserving a surgical treatment, 10% must be paid immediately as a reservation fee. Once this amount is deposited, the surgery is considered booked. The remaining 90% of the surgery amount must be paid no later than 10 working days before the treatment date.

If the surgery is rescheduled up to 10 working days before the surgery, the 10% reservation fee will be transferred to the new surgery date. In the case of a rescheduling less than 10 working days before the surgery, it is unfortunately not always possible to transfer or refund the reservation fee, since preparations and costs for the surgery have already been made.

If the surgery is cancelled without rescheduling, the reservation fee can unfortunately not be refunded under any circumstances.

It is not possible to transfer or offset the reservation fee against other services.

Billing and Terms of Payment

All treatments at REDEKER AESTHETICS are carried out professionally and lege artis. Further warranties and guarantees, also regarding compatibility and success of treatment methods and products used, are not given. This applies especially to the aesthetic outcome, as this very individual / patient-related, even with most careful performance of the treatment. Complications and side effects can occur during treatments, which can affect the treatment outcome.

There are no claims such as warranty rights (correction, etc.) if the treatment does not lead to the desired functional or aesthetic result or does not correspond to the patient's expectations.

If treatments do not go according to the patient's wishes or have not led to the desired result, we ask patients to inform us in writing of these deficiencies as soon as possible, but no later than 3 working days after patients have been able to identify the defects, otherwise all warranty rights are excluded. We will then work together to find a suitable solution.

In the case of a corrective treatment (insofar as this is deemed necessary by the responsible medical specialist), the medical- and / or surgical treatment fees are waived. Material- and external service costs incurred (e.g., hotel accommodation, costs of an external affiliated clinic, external anaesthesia), are to be borne proportionally by the patient.

Corrections for treatments with botulinum toxin and fillers are possible within 2 weeks free of charge at our discretion. Further follow-up treatments are to be fully charged.

The medical specialist’s instructions must be strictly followed. This also includes pre- and post-treatment instructions. Otherwise, any right to corrections or follow-up treatment expires. REDEKER AESTHETICS reserves the right not to treat or to stop a treatment if a patient refuses to follow the instructions.

The liability of REDEKER AESTHETICS and any third-party agents involved in the treatment is limited to gross negligence and intentional acts. The above limitations of liability do not apply in the case of culpable injury to life, body, and health and in the case of fraudulently concealed treatment defects. In the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, any claims for damages are limited to typical and foreseeable damages.

Claims for damages against REDEKER AESTHETICS expire three months after the contractually agreed termination of the treatment if the claims are not asserted within this period.

REDEKER AESTHETICS cannot be held liable for damage caused by incorrect information and/or the omission of essential information by patients.

In the case of external medical service providers, there exists a separate legal relationship between patients and these external medical service providers for services in in- and outpatient facilities that go beyond the medical services provided by us. REDEKER AESTHETICS is not responsible and not directly liable for any breaches of duty regarding the services of the external service providers towards patients.

Succes of treatment and warranty

Patients are obliged to act in accordance with the principle of good faith and in particular

  • provide truthful information about their person, their health and their physical condition;

  • provide us with their correct contact information;

  • be solvent when booking our services;

  • Promptly notify us of any insolvency occurring during treatment;

  • to follow our instructions when undergoing our treatments (in particular our pre- and post-treatment instructions);

  • only provide us with information and documents that patients are entitled to and that may be shared with us.

If these obligations are violated, we are entitled to refuse to treat the patient. Patients also agree to bear any costs being incurred because of this violation.


To carry out our medical- and surgical treatments, REDEKER AESTHETICS is dependent on processing patient data, which may be subject to patient data protection laws (Art. 321 StGB). Patient data are always treated confidentially and are only used and processed within the framework of the applicable data protection laws.

The patients expressly release the medical- and supporting staff of REDEKER AESTHETICS, insofar as they are subject to professional secrecy, from professional secrecy regarding all information and documents that patients make available to REDEKER AESTHETICS, insofar as these are used for diagnostics, treatment, or aftercare, or required for invoicing and payment processing.

Patients agree that

  • REDEKER AESTHETICS can provide the debt enforcement office with the information required for the debt enforcement in the event of a sustained default in payment and

  • REDEKER AESTHETICS can provide the competent court with the necessary information for enforcing the claim value of the contract.


Should a provision of these GTC or appendices to the GTC be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the GTC.

Severability Clause

REDEKER AESTHETICS reserves the right to change these GTC at any time. For signed contracts between REDEKER AESTHETICS and patients, the version valid at the time of signing applies.

The place of jurisdiction is in Zug. Swiss law applies.

These General Terms and Conditions are valid from December 1st, 2022.

Final Provisions

General Terms

and Conditions

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