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Why should you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon?

Deciding to have plastic surgery is a big step, like choosing a life partner or investing in real estate. In the world of improving your appearance, the key is selecting the right plastic surgeon. Despite many practitioners making promises, not all have the necessary skills. Did you know that legally, any doctor can do cosmetic procedures? To ensure safety and achieve your aesthetic goals, it's crucial to check your doctor's background and qualifications.    


In this blog, we'll discuss 6 compelling reasons why going for a board-certified plastic surgeon is not just a suggestion but a really crucial step to secure success throughout your aesthetic journey.    


They Receive Comprehensive Training  

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon gives you access to a highly skilled expert for your aesthetic procedures. Plastic surgery training involves extensive hands-on experience in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon means choosing someone with the skills and commitment to give you the best results.  


At Redeker Aesthetics we are 100% committed to excellence. Jonathan J. Redeker, a Board- Certified Plastic Surgeon, has undergone six years of certified plastic surgery training. In addition to the minimum two years required for board certification, he has received an additional four years of specialty training, including two years dedicated exclusively to aesthetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.   


They Go Through Rigorous Testing  

Becoming board-certified is a rigorous journey in which candidates must pass a written exam first, followed by a comprehensive oral examination that evaluates their knowledge, ethical standing, and safe approach to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. These assessments evaluate a surgeon's understanding of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, showcasing their expertise. Jonathan J. Redeker has successfully passed both German- and European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS) Exams. The confidence his patients entrust on him, is based on this competence and unwavering commitment to excellence.   


They Constantly Expand their Knowledge   

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons are committed to a lifelong journey of education in their field. Beyond medical school and specialized training, plastic surgeons in Switzerland adhere to the standards set by the Swiss Plastic Surgery national society and FMH (Swiss Medical Association). To maintain their esteemed status, these surgeons actively participate in continuing education events, including seminars and presentations. Their dedication goes beyond meeting requirements; it reflects a commitment to staying current with the ever-evolving field of aesthetics.   


By engaging in ongoing education, board-certified plastic surgeons ensure they are well-versed in the latest advancements, innovative techniques, and cutting-edge technology. This dedication guarantees that patients receive the best possible outcomes, as these surgeons keep up with new trends, incorporate advanced research, and consistently refine their techniques through a commitment to lifelong learning.   


They Understand Aesthetic Appeal  

We must think of plastic surgeons as both doctors and artists. Plastic surgery, distinguished by its unique emphasis on aesthetics and artistry, sets itself apart from other surgical disciplines. Unlike most other surgeons, plastic surgeons receive specialized training in aesthetics as a part of their education. This equips them with a refined eye for aesthetic proportions, enabling them to recommend tailored procedures for each patient.   


Opting for a board-certified plastic surgeon, particularly one specializing in aesthetic surgery, means entrusting your appearance to an expert who comprehends the delicate balance between form and function. Focused on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, these surgeons are well-qualified to perform procedures on both the face and the body and they can manage difficult cases. With an extensive repertoire of procedures, board-certified plastic surgeons appreciate the significance of aesthetic appeal.  


They Stay Loyal to Marketing Ethics  

We've all heard stories of people drawn in by low budget cosmetic surgery deals, only to regret it later. What's crucial to remember is that fixing botched results often ends up costing way more than getting the job done right in the first place. Board-certified plastic surgeons, who need to uphold their respected status, steer usually clear of tricky marketing tactics. They prioritize delivering top-notch results and ensuring safety, avoiding misleading ads and unsafe practices.  


They Are Dedicated to their Patient’s Safety  

While board certification isn't mandatory, board-certified plastic surgeons go the extra mile. Unlike some practitioners who may perform aesthetic procedures without specialized training, board-certified plastic surgeons undergo a demanding journey, consistently engaging in education and training to stay at the forefront of their field.   


This showcases their strong commitment to upholding the highest standards in patient care and safety. Board certification is a clear signal of a plastic surgeon's will and dedication, indicating not only their ability to handle complications professionally, but also their ongoing commitment to excellence.   



When contemplating a procedure, the foundation of trust lies in the hands of your chosen surgeon. Surgical experience, technical mastery, and a keen aesthetic sense are critical considerations in this decision-making process. Opting for a board-certified plastic surgeon means choosing a professional with extensive training, proven expertise through rigorous testing, an ongoing commitment to learning, specialized aesthetic knowledge, and an unwavering dedication to delivering top-quality care.   


Contact us for a consultation with a real board certified plastic surgeon.



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